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Nanomatic is a company that makes secure mobile social applications and devices to help you locate friends, family members, pets, and even valuable objects such as cars or boats and displays the maps and directions to help you find them.

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Virtual Care™ for nanofinder 12 Months

Unit Price: USD 109.00

• Alert-management
   Alert-Button, Geofence-Violation, Motion-Sensor
   Alert-Message send to nanonavi-app for SN, nanonavi-mobile and by SMS
• Invite Family-members or Friends to take care of persons and things
• Monitor-route, Adhoc after Alert or History by Date and Time
• Remote configuration of Time, Distance, Geo-fence, Motion-detect and Sleep-Mode for nanofinder-devices
• Flexible assignment of nanofinder-devices to Persons, Pets and Assets
• Complete Family of nanofinder-devices for different applications
• Online subscription renewal
• Easy 5 Button operation with nanonavi: Family, Friends, Things, Media, Place
• Special nanonavi SIM card
• Unlimited on-demand location requests via the Internet
• Unlimited geofencing alert
• For continuous tracking up to 8 hour per day with tracking signal every 2 minutes
• Max 30 minutes voice communication
• SIM Card with GPRS included (Voice and Data roaming charges will be invoiced separately based on utilization)

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