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Nanomatic is a company that makes secure mobile social applications and devices to help you locate friends, family members, pets, and even valuable objects such as cars or boats and displays the maps and directions to help you find them.

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Virtual Care™ for nanonavi® (Version 3.02) 3 months

Unit Price: USD 6.99

Virtual Care™ gives users a breakthrough personal security functionality to care remotely for family-members, friends and possessions anywhere in the world.

Virtual Care™ features:
• Establish a “Geofence” around children, elderly family members, pets or assets like cars and boats.
• Establish a “Net of Care” by adding trusted family & friends from all user social networks into a users network of care providers.
• Care providers are alerted right-away in case of a problem via their mobile-phone, social network or SMS.
• Communicate instantly with care providers and the person having the problem using the location based communications.
• Track the location history of people, pets and possession being cared for.
• Move and assign small nanofinder devices to different people and possessions as needed.

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